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Tour and activity details for Sedona, AZ

Hoping to escape into the Southwest? We humbly recommend a stop in Sedona. This is simply a taste of what there is to do here, but these five things to do in Sedona are proven winners!

Hot Air Balloon Rides: For a heavenly experience in the big, open skies above Sedona, nothing beats a hot air balloon trip. This version of an aerial tour allows you to float higher than a 500 ft. above the Upper Sonora Desert, while the calm, early morning breeze moves you along. It’s the most tranquil thing to do in Sedona.

Riding in your hot air balloon, you’ll get a unique point of view on the red rocks of Sedona, and catch the dazzling colors of a desert sunrise with your own two eyes. On a clear day, you’ll be able to look down at surrounding Boynton and Long Canyons, along with out to Cockscomb and Red Rock State Park, which lie to the south, and Thunder Mountain and Coffee Pot Rock, out east.

On top of that, you’ll inhale the cool air while it slowly blows you along. Since hot air balloons are carried along by the wind, it will feel as though you’re stalling while the mountains and valleys sway below you! In other words, it’s a surreal joyride that’s perfect for sightseers and photographers alike.

Tlaquepaque: For small-town appeal simply a stone’s throw away from your Uptown Sedona hotel, walk to the arts and crafts town referred to as Tlaquepaque. This intriguing take on an outdoor shopping mall features walls crawling with vines, cobblestone-laden roads, and overhanging sycamore trees. It’ll have you feel as though you were trapped in a bygone era, to the south of the border. That’s why we include it on our list of things to do in Sedona.

As you roam through the roads and central courtyard, you’ll notice a mix of 40-plus galleries, studios, and souvenir stores. Stop in at any among them, and you’ll be able to purchase something special. You can likewise stop in at a number of scrumptious restaurants that feature cuisine from all over the world, both Mexican and French, among others. Beyond that, lovebirds who are thinking about a Sedona wedding need to find out about the Tlaquepaque chapel, which offers personalized stained glass and wood benches, as well as an inspiring mural above the altar.

With such architectural beauty, it’s no wonder we’ve included Tlaquepaque on our list of things to do in Sedona.

Whitewater Rafting: If you’re looking for action and adventure near Sedona, a whitewater rafting trip ain’t a bad way to go. We actually believe it’s the most exciting thing to do in Sedona. Though these tours don’t technically take place in Sedona– but rather, on the Colorado River to the north– there are lots of businesses that will be delighted to carry you from your Sedona hotel out to maybe the finest rafting location in the West. Multi-day whitewater excursions place you over an array of rapids, from moderate Class II’s to unmerciful Class V’s.

For a milder water experience closer to Sedona, we recommend a trip down the Verde River. Whether you choose to ride in a kayak or raft, or even on an inflatable tube, you’ll get hours of relaxation and miles of beautiful surroundings. While the Verde River’s definitely not meant to challenge you physically, it most certainly will get the job done if what you’re looking for is invigoration and sightseeing.

Riding on the Grand Canyon Railroad: One often-overlooked travel choice for Sedona visitors is the Grand Canyon Railroad– and that’s a regrettable thing, too! With cowboys and various other entertainers wandering the cars, you’ll be captivated the entire trip long. It’s a family-friendly adventure if such a thing existed, and 4th on our list of what to do in Sedona.

The main prize, naturally, comes when you reach your location– particularly, the stunning Grand Canyon. The train takes you to both its East and South Rims. Furthermore, upon getting here, you’ll take a trip by coach out to sites like the Watchtower Observatory, a 70-ft.-tall stone structure that’s a remarkable lookout point; and the Cameron Trading Post, a Navajo trading junction where you can pick up some real Native American arts and crafts.

Slide Rock State Park: One final thing to do in Sedona is to see Slide Rock State Park. Located in Oak Creek Canyon, this stunning site is widely recognized for its natural sandstone slides, formed by thousands of years of erosion. That exact same moving water motion remains to this day, and coupled with the flat stone, has made the area into an exceedingly prominent outdoor traveler destination.

While riding the water down the rockslides is the name of the game here, there’s other stuff to do in Slide Rock State Park, too. For you history enthusiasts out there, you could check out the remnants of Pendley Homestead, an apple orchard that formerly operated on these grounds in the early 20th century. It promises to be a remarkable and informative time, and a good break between all the slipping and the sliding!


Now you have five thoughts on what to do in Sedona. So choose what piqued your interest the most, look at other resources for more things to do in Sedona, and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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