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Some Oahu trip and activity ideas

If you’re planning to maximize your time on Oahu, then you’ve come to the right place. This list recaps a few of the greatest things to do on Oahu, so get ready to have the time of your life!

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ATV Tours: Taking a trip along the roads is not enough on Oahu; you actually need to head off the beaten path. At the same time, however, you can see a whole lot more by going off-road on an all-terrain vehicle tour. With lovely plains, mountains, and valleys along the Windward Coast, along with unforgettable ocean views, Oahu is ripe for taking a ground trip by ATV. Is it any wonder that it’s the top-ranked thing to do on Oahu?

ATV tours on Oahu range from the one- or two-hour type, to half- and full-day trips. Kaaawa Valley is quite popular, in large part due to the reality that films and TV shows like Jurassic Park and LOST have actually been set there. Being in the Kaaawa Valley is sort of like being carried back in time, prior to the rise of Western civilization. Other ATV trips concentrate on the coastal locations, providing you superior views of the ocean. Possibly, you could get a glimpse of the basalt island referred to as « Chinaman’s Hat, » as well.

Of course, ATV tours additionally plunge deep into Oahu’s rainforests and out to its centuries-old fishing ponds, so make certain to select according to your interests, since not all off-road explorations coincide. At the same time, nonetheless, though there are rather a selection of them, their across the board quality means that you’re in luck no matter what you select! That’s a recipe for one tip-top thing to do on Oahu.

Touring Downtown Honolulu: Oahu is home to the state capital, Honolulu. As a result, you ‘d better block out at least half a day on your schedule to discover its sights, whether on your own, or with a guided tour.

Far from being merely about night life and great dining, Honolulu is in fact a city rich in tradition. While you probably are familiar with Pearl Harbor, on top of that, you’ll be able to visit numerous pre-20th century sites. For instance, Honolulu is home to Iolani Palace and Kawaiahao Church; the former was the late-19th century, royal seat of the Hawaiian Kingdom, while the second holds the distinction of being the first Christian church in all the Hawaiian Islands. So additionally is the famous statue of Kamehameha I, the conquering king who unified the Hawaiian Islands in 1795.

Another place worth visiting while in Honolulu is the Bishop Museum, which is dedicated to protecting Hawaiian and Pacific history; there, you could discover loads of artifacts from the Kingdom of Hawaii and more comprehensive Polynesian culture. The Bishop Museum was developed to maintain artifacts that are important to the history of Hawaii, while Aloha Tower, not too far away, remains possibly the most well recognized man made building on the island.

With so much to discover, touring downtown Honolulu is one possible thing to do on Oahu you won’t want to forget.

Hiking: Trailheads weave their way through much of Oahu. The result is that, no matter exactly what you’re intending to find, there’s a course in position to transport you there. And with the help of a professional guide, you’ll be guaranteed of getting on the correct path. Thus, hiking tours occupy the third spot on this ranking of what to do on Oahu.

One spectacular hiking tour will put you on famous Diamond Head. You’ll cover over 760 vertical feet in less than an hour, and reach the top of the tuff cone; from there, you’ll get to gaze down on Waikiki Beach, too. An additional cool hike locations you on a course through the Koolau Mountains and out to Manoa Falls. At 150 ft. in height, the climactic cascade defies conventional categories for beauty!

Our list of hikes on Oahu could possibly keep going, yet by now, the point ought to be clear. No matter what you wish to discover on the « Heart of Hawaii, » there’s likely a trailhead that’ll carry you to it, with lots of other unforgettable sights along the way. There are so very many things to do on Oahu as you’re hiking through it.

Diving: Close to last but certainly not least among the things to do on Oahu are diving tours. Both beach dives and boat dives can be had in abundance here, offering adventurous travelers amazing access to the lots of water types that dwell within the island’s waters.

Novices should consider taking a monitored diving lesson. The calm waters of Waikiki Beach are a great place to start, and you’ll plunge no further than 40 ft., meaning that you ought to be able to remain relaxed the whole time, too. If you’re an intermediate but non-certified diver, numerous shore dives are open to you, also. Shark’s Cove on the north coast, for example, provides masterfully shaped rock arches, abundant fish, and occasional sea turtles.

Lastly, for advanced, certified divers, a boat dive to the many wrecks around Oahu is absolutely in order. If you’re an advanced scuba diver, come drop past 100 ft. en route to the remains of the World War II era Corsair aircraft, or to the YO-257 Navy refueling vessel. In addition, with wreckages come lots of animals that take shelter in them, so you may get to see reef sharks, moray eels, and various other sea creatures!

Waikiki Aquarium: If scuba diving isn’t really your cup of tea, we heartily commend to you a tour of the Waikiki Aquarium. It is 5th on our list of what to do on Oahu. This century-old institution boasts roughly 500 unique species, chief amongst them being the two monk seals that greet tourists on their way in.

The Waikiki Aquarium is relatively minute in size, so in just a couple of hours, you could get a memorable aesthetic and educational experience. Displayed here are a lot of mysterious, clear jellyfish, half-ton trevallies, ferocious reef sharks, and much, much more! If you’re not willing to go diving, this is the runner up.

Another headliner is a 5,000+ gallon reef system, which houses tangs and triggerfish, rays, and various other exotic highlights. Angelfish and wrasses alike maneuver around the containers here, too, which means a color explosion, the likes of which you’ve never seen at any other time! Such diversity is just one of the reasons the Waikiki Aquarium is the fifth-best thing to do on Oahu.

As you can see, our list of what to do on Oahu has come to its terminus. So make up your mind on what you want to do on Oahu, and plan to make it happen!

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